My classes start at either 10am or 4pm (I can be flexible). They are all hands on and are about 3.5 hours long plus the time it takes to sit down and enjoy the meal (about another 1.5-2.5 hours). We cook a 4 course meal (Antipasto, First Course, Second Course and a dessert)and there will be plenty of red and white wine. Then we finish the meal with coffee and some of my homemade Limoncello! Plus for the daring, I have some good grappa and a bunch of other Italian liquors to try!!

My Personal lunch/dinners can either be at my house or at the villa where you are staying. If you would like it at the villa where you are staying, you must double check if I am allowed to come cook in it. Some villas do not allow outside chefs to come in and cook.

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Personal Lunch or Dinners

I'm a description

Cooking Classes

The price includes all the food, cleaning, recipes, apron you can keep, wine, and some of my homemade limoncello!

110 Euro Per Person

The price includes all the food, setting the table, serving the food, cleaning like we were never there, and some of my homemade limoncello!

Wine is Not included. You can either provide it yourself or tell me how many bottles you want and how much you want to spend per bottle and I will pick it up for you when I do my shopping.

4 Courses 50 Euro Per Person

3 Courses 45 Euro per person

ALL Dietary needs welcome!!

ALL Dietary needs welcome!!

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